10 things that made me happy this week during an exciting week! // dreams-etc.com

  1. A fun weekend at The Palmer House Hotel with Ghost Stories Ink.
  2. Holding a book that includes a story that I wrote.
  3. A fluffy puppy. Little One’s hair is looking Cav-like just in time for the cold weather.
  4. Signed my first writing contract.
  5. Had an unexpected chance to ask Mitch Albom a few questions about The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto.
  6. Finding new ways to curl my hair. I’m loving the beachy waves look right now.
  7. Finishing two books I really enjoyed.
  8. Rain! Even though it was cold and there was a lot and I was out in it.
  9. A redirect on NaNo & a story that I’m really excited about.
  10. Getting business cards in a day! They’re about the quality that you’d expect, but I wasn’t thinking far enough ahead and wouldn’t have had them in time from my usual source.