10 Things to Love About Mornings

Before I started waking up earlier, I really didn’t think there was much to like about mornings. Sure, people raved about this sunrise thing, but how could they compare to sunsets? And a bowl of cereal just isn’t worth getting up for in the morning. But once I discovered things I liked about the morning, I was more motivated to wake up. Here are a few of the things that I love about the morning.

1. Sunrises. It turns out, they’re beautiful too!
2. Crisp air in the morning. The perfect spring morning.
3. The first sip of water for the day.
4. Coffee // tea // hot lemon water // chocolate milk. Whatever drink you yearn for in the morning.
5. Peaceful stillness. When it feels like everyone else is still asleep.
6. Watching the world wake up. The sun rises, more people appear on the street.
7. Getting a jump start on productivity.
8. Breakfast. Green smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, veggies and eggs, waffles or pancakes.
9. Anticipation for the day. Because each day is a fresh start.
10. Tummy rubs. Just a little input from Little One, but everyone can take a page from her book and look for some affection from a loved one, whether it’s a hug or kiss, a shoulder massage, or a simple “Good morning” text to start the day.


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    Linds F.
    April 17, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I just love that stillness, that quietness where you feel you're the only one on the planet awake.
    And we absolutely cannot forget tummy rubs 😉

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