#1day12pics Recap // August

Saturday was the scheduled day for August for #1day12pics and I was excited to participate again, even though I had a boring day planned. Saturday was my designated day to finally tackle the bookshelf. This month I decided to take two sets of pictures: one on Instagram to follow along with everyone else participating and one on my DSLR so that I had different pictures to share here. That worked well for the first half of the day, but by the end of it I lost track of taking photos with my DSLR and just used my Instagram pictures to finish out the day.

9am. I went to bed really late the night before, so I slept in a bit on Saturday and didn’t have to hit the snooze button when I woke up. I still use an alarm clock, because I don’t hear the alarm on my phone when it goes off. (Half the time I can’t even hear this one.) This one is really old, but it’s my favorite of the alarm clocks that I have.

10am. My version of YouTuber EssieButton’s #daclip to put all of my hair up in. I wanted to get it out of my way for the bookshelf project.

11am. But first, I took some time to find some new audiobooks to listen to.

12pm. But then I finally decided to get to work. I recorded books that I haven’t read yet so that I can create a TBR jar and start making my way through them.

1pm. Organizing the books before putting them on the shelf.

2pm. Putting them on the shelves. I sorted the books into different groups and within each group I sorted them by alphabetically by author and then by title.

3pm. Took a lunch break and grabbed some iced tea.

4pm. Time to give Little One some tummy rubs.

5pm. I moved on to organize other things when I was mostly done with my bookshelves. I went through all of Little One’s things, including her toys.

6pm. Up she goes.

7pm. It has been so hot that cold things like ice water and ice cream have been the best way to cool off in the evening.

8pm. A friend came over and delivered cherry tomatoes from the garden.

12pm. I didn’t take my last picture for awhile and eventually took it at midnight when I did my nails. This was my nail combo.

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