30 Days of Thankfulness (Days 1 – 10)

My plan is to post every Sunday with the week’s pictures for this photo project.  This week’s post is a little long because I misplaced the cord to transfer pictures from my camera to my computer (again!) last weekend and I was also debating whether or not to post last Sunday since I would have had only three pictures.  I wasn’t really in the groove with picture taking this week so I’m not very happy with this batch of photos, but I guess this means that they can only get better, right?

Day 1: Le Chiot.  I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise, but I am so thankful for Le Chiot.  I have wanted a dog for so long and she has been such a great fit.  I lucked out and was able to get one of the sweetest dogs that I have ever met and a dog who came trained.  She makes my day, every day.
Day 2: Friends.  I have friends who have the same interests and beliefs as me and I have friends who have introduced me to different cultures.  And I’m thankful for them all.
Day 3: Dad’s Pizza.  I happen to have a world famous pizza maker for a father.  Okay, so maybe he’s not world famous, but he is famous among the friends and family who have tasted his homemade pizza.  I’m also thankful that when I say, “I’d like to try this kind of pizza,” he’s willing to try whatever I suggest.  This was a taco pizza.  I’d also be willing to bet that my niece is thankful for my dad’s pizza.  That girl can pack it away!  She can eat half of a pizza this size.  Seriously.  She goes for a simple pepperoni pizza, though.
Day 4: Books.  Oh, books.  You are beautiful and shiny and smell like paper and transport me to different time periods and different lands.  And I love you. 
Day 5: Homemade Bagels.  This is one of my least favorite pictures in this batch.  I had a much better picture of these but I accidentally deleted it before I had a chance to transfer it to my computer.  *sigh*  Oh, well.  I recently started to make homemade bagels and I absolutely love them!  They’re also cheaper than buying them at a bagel shops and… healthier?  Maybe?  I made these while trying a recipe that I planned to make for people who are baking turkeys for a community Thanksgiving meal on Thursday but the weekend was a little busier than I had planned and I didn’t get around to it.  Luckily they didn’t know that I was going to do this so they won’t miss them.  (It was my mom’s idea and when my weekend picked up it was her idea not to worry about them.)  I used Sewon’s bagel recipe, but left off the sesame seeds and incorporated dried cranberries and orange zest into the dough for a Thanksgiving inspired bagel.
Day 6: Photography.  For many years now photography has been a way for me to see parts of the world that I have not been able to visit.  It captures memories and gives me a way to express myself and for that I am also thankful.
Day 7: Dog Cuddles.  I kind of felt like I was cheating with this one, since I already photographed Le Chiot for the project.  But I was reading on the couch and Le Chiot came over to cuddle.  When she did I immediately thought, “I should take a picture of this for my thankfulness project!”  Since that’s what I was really feeling thankful for at that moment, I decided that I’d go with it.
Day 8: My Awesome Dog-Loving Expert Brother-in-Law.  He sent me this puppy care kit with  things for the puppy and for training her.  And that’s just the type of guy that he is.  He’s thoughtful and supportive and I’m thankful that he’s part of my family.
Day 9: My Niece and Nephew.  Even though my nephew asks, “Do we have to pick Auntie C up?” when my dad picks them up from school and me from work.  And even though my niece shouted, “I have to say goodbye to Le Chiot!” as she ran over to Le Chiot (who was right by me) gave her a hug and a pat on the head and then turned to ran out the door until my sister reminded her that I was there too.  Deep down, I know that they like me and they are seriously the coolest kids.  (This is the first piece of homework that I helped my nephew with when I hung out with them Friday night.)
Day 10: My Sister’s Fenced In Yard.  Because it gives Le Chiot a place to run around without being restricted by a leash.  And it’s really pretty.  I love having dinner in her yard in spring and summer.
And that is the end of the first round of 30 Days of Thankfulness photos.  What were you thankful for last week?

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    November 19, 2012 at 4:48 pm

    I love the pictures! Who's cuter, Le Chiot or the niece and nephew?! Hard to say!

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