30 Days of Thankfulness (Days 11 – 17)

This was the week of Thanksgiving and after spending time each day reflecting on something that I’m thankful for it felt more meaningful as things that wouldn’t normally come to mind on the actual day were already there.
Day 11: My dad.  Because he’s awesome.  Don’t tell him that I said that.
Day 12: My mom.  Because she’s awesome.  You can tell her that I said that.
Day 13: Electricity.  This isn’t the prettiest picture, but I am thankful for electricity.  It makes life so much easier.
Day 14: Freedom of Religion.  Thanksgiving!!  I’m thankful for the freedom of religion and the ability to worship each week.
Day 15: The Start of the Christmas Season.  I absolutely love the Christmas season; the music, the movies, the decorations and the baked goods.  The day after Thanksgiving I pull everything out and I have been waiting for a long time to be able to start listening to Christmas music!!
Day 16: Fireplace.  My fireplace helps keep things warm during the cold winter months and it provides a cozy place for dogs to lay in front of.
Day 17: Food.  Especially good, healthy food.  My coworker and I have started bringing mason jar salads and yogurt parfaits to work for meals.
What were you thankful for last week?

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