30 Days of Thankfulness (Days 24 – 30)

Wow, this is a bit late!  Did you get any snow where you are at?  Last Sunday we received a lot of snow and it was an absolutely perfect day!  Perfect because I didn’t have to be out in it.  I stayed home and drank coffee while eating homemade cinnamon rolls.  As the snow fell I read a book and watched Christmas movies.  Le Chiot and I went outside at regular intervals and she hopped around in the snow.  She loves it!

The commute last week after the snow was less than perfect, though, and my commute wasn’t even that bad!  Add to that the cooking and baking that I did for my department’s holiday party pot luck and the Advent worship last week and… I can’t believe how fast last week went by!

My 30 Days of Thankfulness photo challenge ended on Sunday, so here are the final pictures.  (All pictures are unedited, though some of them could have used editing!)

Day 24: Time with my niece (and memories of those times.  I’ve been cleaning my room and going through things and as I did so, I ran across this necklace.  I have many necklaces and bracelets like this, as well as pictures that she drew and I can’t seem to part with any of them.  I love watching her grow up and being able to experience new things with her as she does but I also love these reminders to when she was younger and her family was the coolest part of her day.  I love these reminders to the times when I’d hear her tell another member of the family in a loud whisper, “Shhh, don’t tell Auntie C, I’m making her a necklace, it’s a surprise!”  

Day 25: Space heater.  When winter rolls around my room is freezing so I’m very grateful for my space heater, which allows me to spend time in my room when I’m not buried under a mound of blankets.

Day 26: Toys that keep the pup occupied.  I think I’ve done a picture like this before but I’m going to go with it again.  I am very thankful for toys that keep Le Chiot occupied when she is getting into EVERYTHING!  These were provided by my wonderful brother-in-law.

Day 27: Five years.  I am thankful that as of a few months ago, my mom is officially five years cancer free!  I never doubted that this milestone would come, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Day 28: Musical background.  I was going to set up a lovely shot to represent my musical background, but then I got a series of shots of Le Chiot checking out my flute and they were pretty cute.  I’m actually not sure why I chose this one to share now that I’m writing this post, but this is the one that’s here!  My coworker and I have been talking about our musical background because she recently started taking music lessons again and I’ve been considering music lessons for awhile now.  My parents encouraged me to start studying music at a young age, so I started at the age of four or five, I believe.  It’s nice to know that whichever instrument I choose to pursue this time, I have a strong foundation to fall back on.  
As a side story: the day that I took this picture I played my flute again.  It’s been awhile since I’ve pulled it out so it was a little airy, but actually playing it with regularity would take care of that.  When I played the first note, Le Chiot got the cutest, most quizzical look on her face and I have never seen her cock her head quite so much.  It was ADORABLE!!!  I wish I had gotten some photos of that for you!

Day 29: Art.  While I was taking this picture I reflected on the fact that I haven’t always loved art as much as I do now.  It actually surprises me now that back in high school I didn’t care about art at all.  It wasn’t until I visited Vienna a couple of times and visited the art museums there that I fell in love and almost pursued art history as a major.  I love that art is an outlet for artists; I love that it tells a lot about a certain time, place and culture and I love that it gives viewers a glimpse into new worlds.

Day 30: My Savior.  I’m so very thankful for my Savior, which is the greatest gift that I have ever received.
I am working on a posts for the rest of the month to catch you all up on my progress for the Back to the Classics book challenge.  (Also, I am reading a lot of classics right now.)  I’m also working on some favorites posts, so keep an eye out!  I’m hoping to post more often the rest of the month!

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