A Different Sunday Post Routine…

Last week Lauren posted her last Sunday Currently, as it was her 100th. As sad as it is to see such a wonderful link-up go, I’m looking forward to continuing to post every Sunday to talk about my weekends and whatever else is on my mind without the built-in structure.

Little One and I have had a quiet weekend. After a week of early mornings and not enough sleep I needed to get caught up on rest. I also worked to get ahead on blog posts for the week, in the hopes that it will help my week go more smoothly.

I started watching Dawson’s Creek this week. I know of people have watched the show as adults and hated it… but I actually enjoy the teen shows from the late ’90s. Nostalgia and all that. I’ll share a little secret with you, though: I never actually watched this show when it was airing. I remember walking home from the bus stop after school with another girl from my neighborhood and she tried to convince me to watch it, but back then I didn’t like to watch what everyone else was watching. (Which is kind of funny, because that was my reason for not watching Dawson’s Creek but every other show I watched was popular. Except for Early Edition, maybe. I watched that show every Saturday night with my dad. Good times!) But there’s still something about the quality and the clothes and the hair that take me right back.

My nephew nominated me to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge so I figured I should do it. And then I was nominated by my friend Iloye, so my niece dumped a bucket of ice cold water on me. I actually thought it felt good… but I’m pretty much done with summer after sitting in a hot office without AC all week.

Lately I’ve been thinking about joining Pinterest. Well, not joining Pinterest since I’m already on it, but actually using it. I just don’t really… get it. I mean, I know how to use it and I understand what it’s for, I’ve just never really become addicted to it. So, how did you become addicted to Pinterest and what should I do that will sell me on its awesomeness?

And one final question for all of you. I don’t know what to call these posts on Sunday, but I want to give them a name so that they all link together. All I can think of is The Sunday Post, but that’s what Suzie at Hello October calls her posts. So, do you have any ideas? I’ll keep brainstorming this week, too.

For those who may have missed it during the week, I thought I’d share a reminder that I posted a giveaway for Ellen Hopkins books. You have a day left to enter, so go check it out if you’re interested!

How was your weekend?

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