A Letter to 25-Year-Old Me

Back in September I followed a prompt to write a letter to 16-year-old me. My mom loved it and wondered what it would be like if I wrote other posts like it. I think she had other types of posts in mind when she said that, but when I wrote that letter I thought it was a rather anticlimactic year to write about. Sixteen was just an ordinary year, but there are other years that I think back on and would probably be more interesting to write about. I hope you will all join me in reflecting on our younger selves and talking to them during November’s theme week!

A letter to 25-year-old me. // dreams-etc.com

Dear 25-Year-Old Crystal,

Congratulations! You actually graduated from college! I think there were some people out there who thought you were taking too long and wouldn’t actually see a college diploma with your name on it. And if you hadn’t, that would have been fine. Maybe we’d actually be making more money than we are now when I’m writing this letter to you. But you wanted to graduate from college and you have. That deserves a big congratulations!

The transition that you’re in now is a strange one and you don’t know what to feel. You are really wishing that there was a guaranteed next step after graduating from college or some way that you would know things will work out since you’re feeling a little stuck. So, here are a few things to keep in mind as you deal with this quarter-life panic/crisis and move forward.

1 // You will not be working in the place that you are now for the rest of your life. You’re a little worried about that, but don’t worry. You will get to do something new one day, but your way out won’t be as quick as you’re hoping it’ll be… and that’s a good thing! You’ll be happy about it later. Also, where we are now (my time) is someplace you’re not even thinking about right now (your time). If I were to tell you where we’re working, you’d laugh.

2 // A childhood dream is about to come true and it’ll be better than you imagined! It’s really cool to look back on this and do the math and realize that something is happening right now that’s going to be part of this childhood dream coming true and you have absolutely no idea. I’m excited for you!

3 // From this point forward, you will always be 25. At least, you will be in your head. People will ask you how old you are and you’ll be like, “25… oh wait.” I’m assuming this will change at some point, but it hasn’t yet.

4 // Take a picture of yourself! This is one of two that I could find and you have them filtered to the max. Not the best for blogging.

5 // You will find someone who will bleach your hair so that you can have a lighter hair color. Her name is Michele, you will be at the salon until midnight, but you will walk out with red hair.

So take a deep breath and have faith in yourself.  Stop trying to plan your entire life, because your plans don’t really work out like you think they will. I mean, you’re just graduating from college now, but would you change any of the experiences you’ve had along the way?

Lots of love from your older self!


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What would you say to your 25-year-old self? Leave a comment and I’ll share your thoughts along with a link back to your blog or other social media at the end of the week!

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