A Letter to 7-Year-Old Me

Back in September I followed a prompt to write a letter to 16-year-old me. My mom loved it and wondered what it would be like if I wrote other posts like it. I think she had other types of posts in mind when she said that, but when I wrote that letter I thought it was a rather anticlimactic year to write about. Sixteen was just an ordinary year, but there are other years that I think back on and would probably be more interesting to write about. I hope you will all join me in reflecting on our younger selves and talking to them during November’s theme week!

A letter to 7-year-old me. // dreams-etc.comDear 7-Year-Old Crystal,

It’s me… well, you… us… a little bit older and a little bit wiser. You are so curious and creative. That doesn’t really change as you get older, but you change as you get older. That’s normal and healthy and it’s a good thing that you do, but that also means that you’ll view your world differently than you do now. Right now, everything seems so big and cool and nothing seems impossible. You’re more carefree now than you will ever be again and that means that you are in such a special time of experiencing your world.

I look back on that time often. I hold onto that childlike view of the world and incorporate that into my life and into my creative pursuits. You have no idea how much your explorations of your house and your yard and your town will influence you when you’re older.

So keep it up! Keep watching your favorite movies and reading your favorite books. Keep running around your house and your yard while making up stories. Keep exploring and dreaming.

Keep being you!

Lots of love from your older self,


What would you say to your 7-year-old self? Leave a comment and I’ll share your thoughts along with a link back to your blog or other social media at the end of the week!

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    November 23, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    What a sweet idea! Love it! I might copy this if you don’t mind! Happy Monday, Crystal!

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