An update for the ABC Reads challenge. //

We only have two months left for the ABC Reads challenge, which means I need to read 2.5 books for the challenge each month in order to complete it. I’m not too worried about that goal! πŸ™‚ Since my last update, I read two books for the challenge.

Q // The Quotidian Mysteries, by Kathleen Norris [Completed October 2016]

This is a look at how God is present in worship and liturgy, as well as in the mundane tasks of every day life.

The Quotidian Mysteries is a short book. In fact, it wasn’t until I was about halfway through that I realized it’s actually a lecture that she gave, so it comes in at just under 100 pages. That being said, it actually took me a decent amount of time to finish this. Norris is a poet and that’s definitely apparent in the writing. IΒ really enjoyed the descriptive writing in the first half of the book and kept highlighting passages. I also remember thinking that there were good thoughts about the topic in the first half, but the second half really diverged from what I was looking for with the book. I still compulsively turned pages to the end, but it got a little long and I felt like it moved away from what I was looking for enough that I forgot what had really hit home in the first half of the book.

I still enjoyed it!Β I bought the book awhile back, because I’ve always thought that there’s a beauty in the every day “mundane” tasks, like dishes, laundry, cleaning… I can hear all those who know me laughing at that statement, but it’s true! I totally think there’s a beauty in it, even if I don’t participate in that beauty all the time. (I’m lying a mountain of clothes that I need to fold and put away right now.) πŸ™‚

Read this book if:
>> The topic appeals to you.

U // The Uninvited, by Cat Winters [Completed October 2016]

Ivy sees the uninvited ones, ghosts of loved ones who have died who are harbingers of death, during WWI and the flu epidemic.

This has been on my list to read ever since I finished In the Shadow of Blackbirds, which is another novel that takes place during the war and the flu epidemic, although Blackbirds has a focus on spirit photography. I expected this book to be similar to Blackbirds, however where Blackbirds definitely took on the frantic feel of a society that was losing loved ones in a war and to an epidemic, this one was much more quiet. It took me by surprise at first, but definitely fits this particular novel. It was really neat to see how one author can write about the same time period, but create two completely different books.

I loved the characters and really became attached to all of them. I loved the music thread that winds through the book. I just loved everything about it and it was such a fun read. After these two books, I’m definitely a huge fan of Cat Winters!

Read this book if:
>> If you’re a fan of historical fiction.
>> You like the time period.
>> You’re interested an, at times, eerie read.
>> You read and enjoyed In the Shadow of Blackbirds. The books are different, but both are so good in their own way.

Here are the letters I still need to read to complete the challenge:Β J, V, X, Y, Z.

What have youΒ read recently?

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