Accidental Dials & Contemp YA Month

I was at the store today, looking at birthday presents for my little nephew (little, because he’s pre-k aged and I also have a big, college-aged nephew). I needed to call my mom and talk about the options since we decided to go in together for his present this year and I had no idea what to get. I was walking around the aisle, looking at all of our options as I looked for my mom in the list of contacts on my phone. I was barely paying attention to my phone, of course, and ended up dialing another person’s phone number. Another person to whom I haven’t spoken for years. I stopped in the middle of the aisle when a voice other than my mom’s answered the phone but after I figured out who I was talking we had a pleasant conversation. It was good to catch up!

Also, we ended up getting a really cool present for my nephew! Thank he’ll let me play with him?

In other news, The Contemps have decided that June is Contemporary YA Month. What Contemporary YA books have you read and enjoyed recently? What books are on your to-read list?

In preparation for the second season premiere of Pretty Little Liars (and the release of the first season on DVD on Tuesday!) I read the fourth book of the series, Unbelievable, by Sara Shepard. I was reading it during my break at work yesterday and when my boss walked into the back (she’s a fellow book lover) I had to tell her about it. Some of the events in the show mirror some of the events in the books, and I had just finished one of those moments when she walked in. Even though I had already experienced that moment in the show, I was still sitting at the edge of my seat, gasping as the scene played out. I’m hoping to finish the current books in the series by the June 14th premiere of the show. Let’s see if my work/social schedule will allow this to happen.

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