An Announcement

I wanted to pop in quickly on this lovely day before I take the dog outside for awhile to let you all know a few other places that you can find me on the web. I am one of the authors of the Minnesota Mermaids blog, where you can find all things mermaid related! It’s a new blog, but we’re having a blast with it and hope you will have a blast reading it! I just wrote my second post today, both of which have been about the Australian TV show H2O: Just Add Water. Today’s post is about the mermaid tails that were created for the show.

Also, you can find me over at Blipfoto, which is a daily photo journal that allows you to post one photo a day. It’s an amazing site, filled with talented photographers, and is one of the my supportive communities on the web. And, in my opinion, it’s one of the best communities on the web. Go take a look!

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