Audiobook Roundup

I have listened to two audiobooks so far, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them.

Reality Boy, by A.S. King. This novel is about a teen who is working through his anger issues and who has to deal with the public’s opinion of him and his family after they were on a reality show when he was younger. This is the first audiobook that I listened to and I greatly enjoyed it. The story was engaging and pulled me in. I really loved the main character and was invested in what happened to him as he worked through some of his issues. I will say that I didn’t really connect with the other characters, but I loved him so much that I wasn’t bothered by that at all. I also enjoyed the narrator of this book. I’ve heard that fans of the author say that some of her other books are better than this one, so I’m looking forward to exploring more books by her. I enjoyed the narrator and thought he did a great job taking on the voice of the character.

Dracula, by Bram Stoker. This is the tale of the evil vampire Dracula and the people who set out to take him down. I love, love, love vampire stories and have since I was pretty young. I enjoy the stories where vampires have to fight their true nature, but I also love the stories where the vampires are actually evil and Dracula is a vampire that I would not like to meet. This is an epistolary novel told from the POVs of Jonathan Harker, Mina (Murray) Harker, Lucy Westenra, Professor Van Helsing and Dr. John Steward, among others. This is my second time reading the novel and I absolutely love it. My favorite part is the beginning because it’s more atmospheric, but the entire story is, of course, worth a read and I do enjoy the end as well. I just love this tale and all of its adaptations: the scary, the campy… everything. I love it so much that I gave Little One the name Mina. (I wanted a name that came from literature and this was one of the three ideas that I had.) The audiobook that I listened to had a cast of characters, including Alan Cumming and Tim Curry. If you’re interested in listening to Dracula I highly recommend looking for this version. It was fantastic and I was sad when it came to an end.

Have you read (or listened) to any of these books? If you listen to audiobooks, what have you enjoyed recently?

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