Beauty Review // Konjac Sponge

In 2015 my skin has looked the best that it has for a long time. I don’t deal with as many spots and I think even the redness in my cheeks has toned down a bit. The only change that I’ve made is adding a Konjac sponge to my skincare routine. (And by skincare routine, I mean removing makeup, washing face, adding lotion, with a face mask usually once a week; nothing too involved.)

A Konjac sponge is basically a sponge used with face wash to wash the face, much like a Clarisonic or other facial brush. It’s supposed to deeply clean your face as well as gently exfoliate your skin. The sponge is hard, but softens up when you hold it under warm water. When you’re done using it, it has a string to hang it up to dry.

Like I said, my skin has looked better than it has in a while this year and I’m fairly certain it’s thanks to the Konjac sponge. I started using one toward the end of 2014 and I noticed an improvement immediately. The few times this year that I’ve gone a week without using it I’ve noticed an increase in spots. That alone makes the sponge totally worth its place in my skincare routine. The fact that it exfoliates without feeling harsh and increasing the redness in my cheeks is an added bonus.

The first sponge I tried was a charcoal sponge. I love charcoal products and always have a charcoal face wash and face mask on hand. This was no exception. I’m currently using one with clay, because it’s supposed to help with hydration and my skin has been uncomfortably dry due to the change in weather.


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