Beauty Talk: Em Cosmetics Products that I Like

I felt bad that the first review I did for em cosmetics wasn’t the best, because I really do like most of the products that I’ve tried, so I thought that I’d share two of my favorite products.

Chiaroscuro Contour/Highlight Stick. I’m not going to lie, part of the reason that I wanted this is because of the name. I think it’s genius! I don’t use this to contour my cheeks, but it’s my favorite way to contour my jaw and it’s perfect for contouring my nose. This is not a product that I consider a “must have” addition to the make-up bag, but if you’re a make-up lover like me, it’s a nice to have product.

Pillow Plush Lip Balm. This is my favorite product so far. I have the color Berries, which provides a nice hint of color that is perfect for fall and winter. This product isn’t super moisturizing, but it keeps my lips moisturized while I wear it. The color also lasts for a decent amount of time. If I put it on in the morning, it’ll last until lunch. If I reapply after lunch, it lasts through the afternoon. Like I said, this is definitely my favorite product from the brand so far and I know that my best friend likes it too. She’s the one who recommended it to me.

Have you tried anything from em cosmetics?

Note: I purchased all of the products listed in this post.

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