Beauty Talk: My Favorite Makeup Brushes

I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite makeup brushes recently, because I tried a set from a brand that many people rave about and I was not impressed. Maybe it’s because I’ve used my favorite brushes for so long, but they’re definitely my tried and true, so I thought I’d share them with you in case any of you are on the lookout for new brushes. I do believe that a quality brush will make all the difference in makeup application and will last you for years.

Just as a side note: I also use my fingers a lot for makeup application, especially for foundations, concealers and anything that isn’t a powder.

Face Brushes

1. Real Techniques Powder Brush. I use this for powder after I apply foundation. This is the only powder brush that I use.

2. Real Techniques Stippling Brush. This is great for a light application of powder products. I use this for contouring and blush.

3. Real Techniques Contour Brush. I have never actually used this for contouring, but I love it for blending in concealer and applying highlight.

4. MAC 116. This brush is so comfortable to hold and use. It’s my newest brush and I’ve only used it for blush, but I have also thought that it would work well for highlighting.

5. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. This is a great brush for
applying foundation. Lately I’ve been using it for a lighter blush
and it also works well for concealer.

6. Real Techniques Setting Brush. I use this to apply concealer and to use a setting powder under my eyes. It’s the perfect size for that task.

7. Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Face Brush. I like to use this for contouring and to apply blush, as it provides a very light application. There’s another duo-fiber brush in this set that I like to use for applying more pigmented highlighters, but I misplaced it.

8. Real Techniques Buffing Brush. This is tied with the powder brush as my favorite Real Techniques brushes. I use this for foundation. It’s perfect for buffing foundation into your skin.

9. Real Techniques Blush Brush. I haven’t actually used this for blush, but I like to use it for contouring.

10. MAC 187. I used this brush for applying foundation before I purchased the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Now, I love using this brush for contouring and blush because it provides a light application.

11. MAC 168. This is a beautiful brush. It’s another brush that’s easy to hold and is so comfortable. I have used this for powder, but regularly use it for contouring and blush.


12. MAC 217. This is the best eye brush in the history of eye brushes ever and there will never, ever be one that compares. In case you couldn’t tell by my subtle proclamation of love, I really heart this brush. It’s perfect for blending eyeshadow and for putting eyeshadow into the crease of your eyes. When I’m feeling lazy I’ll use this for the lid. Oh, and it’s great for applying a highlight shade along the brow bone. It’s wonderful. This is my only 217, although I have been meaning to purchase another one (or two) and I might be doing that soon because of a couple of eye looks that I have planned to work on this year. I’ve been using this brush almost every day for years and it’s proof that a quality brush will last you a long time.

13. MAC 239. This is a wonderful brush for applying shadow to the eyelid.

14. MAC 219. I use this brush for applying color to my lower lash line as well as for running it through the crease if I really want to have a precise application. It’s also great for applying a highlight shade to the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone.

15. Eco Tools Angled Brush. I also have a MAC one that I love, but I can’t find it right now. I use this to apply shadows as an eyeliner and to fill in my brows. I never actually touched my brows with any sort of product until I started to color my hair red. I just like to make them a little bit darker and add a hint of red. This brush (and especially the MAC brush, which is a little thinner) is perfect for that.

As you can see, two brands dominate my brushes. I absolutely love the Real Techniques face brushes. They’re perfection and they’re incredibly affordable. However, as much as I love their face brushes, I don’t like their eyeshadow brushes. Of course I don’t really think any eyeshadow brushes can compare to MAC.

And then there are the MAC brushes. The prices for these range from a little lower to quite a bit higher. They have a couple of brushes that I would like, but haven’t been willing to spend the money on because of how expensive they are. MAC does create quality brushes, though. I never question whether a brush from MAC will serve me well when I pick one up.

What are your favorite makeup brushes?

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