Beauty Talk: A Winter Wonderland of Nail Polish

Does anyone else have their nails painted pretty much every day? I can’t help it! I love having a pop of color on them. Last month was all about the reds, berries and glitter for the holidays, so now I’m ready to give them a bit of a reprieve from deep, dark colors. I’ll be sure to keep a darker polish within easy reach (I’ve always loved dark nails!), but I’ll have a couple of lighter colors close by, too.
First, let’s talk about snow. Gorgeous, glittery snow to make snowmen out of and get into snowball fights with. Or you can plop down in it and make a snow angel. Little One would probably join you! The first thing that she does when she gets outside is plow her head through the snow–even during this frigid cold snap that we’ve had. Revlon’s Snow Bunny is aptly named! White and glittery…it looks just like freshly fallen snow on a sunny day. Swipe on two coats and you’re good to go. If you’d like snow without the sparkle, check out Essie’s Allure. I’ve always found this to be a careful three coater, but sit down with a TV show and you should be good to go by the end of an episode.
Next up we have icicles; those beautiful, pointy pieces of ice that drip off of houses and light posts. I think they’re gorgeous, but once they reach a certain size I prefer to walk around them if they’re still hanging. You’ve all seen that episode of Grey’s Anatomy, right? Ice always makes me think blue and that’s where Essie’s Parka Perfect fits into this winter wonderland of nail polish. It’s a light bluish grey and is absolutely beautiful. I love blue nail polish and this is a unique and welcome addition to my collection.
What colors do you recommend to fit into a winter wonderland of nail polish?

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