Becoming Besties // Dogiversary Week

Hello, friends! Today is day five and the final day of Dogiversary Week. I hope you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun writing these posts and celebrating Little One’s presence in my life (and on this blog). Today is the day that, two years ago, I brought Little One home. I picked her up in the afternoon on a Wednesday and took the next two days off of work so that I’d have a long weekend to hang out with her and start bonding with her.

I often say that Little One chose me.

When I first began my dog search I wanted a male dog. I even had the perfect name picked out (and had it for months before I started looking for a dog)! But then I met Little One. She was nine months old when I met her and she immediately curled up beside me. We spent a half hour sitting side by side as I pet her and I fell in love. My dad was there and at one point she took a minute to wander away and check him out, but then she returned to me.

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get her but I already started imagining what life would be like with her as my dog and I started thinking of new names. I had three that I bounced around for awhile, but in the end she seemed more like a Mina to me than the other two.

Even though we had obviously made a connection that first day I was so nervous that things had changed and she wouldn’t like me anymore. The day that I picked her up (she was eleven months old by then) I sat at a table, filling out paperwork, and she ran into the room. She was sitting on the floor beside me and when I pushed away from the table a bit, she took the opportunity to jump into my lap.

I could tell that she was curious and a little unsure when I took her to the car and climbed into the backseat with her. (I had my dad go with so that I could hang out with Little One on the way home.) But she settled in by my side and looked up at me with those adorably big eyes of hers.

And she stole my heart. Again.

Interested in reading two more posts about the day that Little One came home? I was blogging back when I got her and last year my family threw a party to celebrate.

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