A Belated 4th of July Post

Happy Independence Day (just shy of a week late)!  My plan was to have this post up the following day but other things took priority.  I hope that you all had a fun and safe Independence Day and were able to avoid the heat.  I celebrated by reading the Constitution and the Bill of Rights before journeying out of my air-conditioned house to attend a friend’s BBQ and watch fireworks.  Even with the heat there was a good turnout at the party.  People did back out, though, and after Erin received some texts from people canceling, two friends assured her that canceling never crossed their minds.  When they were done I proclaimed, “I totally considered backing out!”  Erin just smiled and said, “I knew you probably did!”
But I went!  This lady who once spent three months in West Africa during the hot season can still handle hot weather (from the doorway of a camper, where I caught a light breeze and stayed out of the sun).
Sarah and Erin.  We cooled down with shots of water from the water gun.

(PS: Be sure to check out Minnesota Mermaids.  A lot has been going on over there!)

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