Best Book in July

I’m posting things a little out of order this week because I don’t have pictures ready for the post I had scheduled to put up tonight and I’ve been a little busy this evening.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m repainting my room this week and I’m so excited for a new look. Little One has been keeping a close eye on things as I’ve been moving things out of the room. She also perched on the edge of the bed as I taped with a cute little quizzical look on her face.

After taping I put together a Life Binder. I’ve been looking for ways to keep track of everything that I need and want to do and this seemed like a great way to start.

I don’t actually have too much to say about the best book that I read in July, because I’ve talked about it already. Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard was definitely my favorite read. It has stayed with me since I first read it. I still want to look up airplane tickets to Central America. I’m still inspired by Hubbard’s drawing throughout the book. I want to reread it and I just ordered a paperback copy so that I can share it with people. A close second would be You Are One of Them by Elliot Holt.

What was your best read in July?

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    Erika from Chimerikal
    August 1, 2013 at 12:13 am

    Ah, I love reading but I'm finding that I rarely read books and when I do, they tend to be non-fiction. (I find I read a lot of things online… which, with their short nature, is probably not improving my ADD-tendencies.) I did buy "Catching Fire" at the airport on my most recent trip and enjoyed going deeper into that story. I think in general, I'd like to read more fiction… I'm not sure what kind of book I am looking to read though… I think I like young adult with an appeal to all ages. 🙂


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    August 1, 2013 at 3:04 am

    If you're interested in book recommendations, we should definitely chat. I probably read more YA than any other genre and I love talking about the books that I read! 🙂

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