Blogmas { Day 12 }: Organizational Tips

I am not an organizational whiz. One look around any space that I inhabit will tell you that. I’m not sure that I will ever be someone whose tabletops will be completely clear; there’s always chapstick, a pair of earrings or a random hair tie that I forgot to put away. But as I redecorated my room this summer I took the opportunity to reorganize my things as well. I thought I’d share with you some of the things that I did and tips that I picked up that changed my life (well, to the extent that organization can be life-changing) in case they might be life-changing for you too.

1. Ice cube trays for earrings. It used to be a hassle to wear earrings. I never knew what I had and I
always had to spend a few minutes searching for both earrings in a pair
until I discovered this little trick while reading Annie’s Eats.
After I read her post I immediately ran out to buy some ice cube trays.
Not only do I wear earrings more often, but I wear all of the earrings
that I own instead of sticking with one or two pairs. Sometimes I need
to look around and collect different pairs that I haven’t put back in (I
should do that now) but overall, this has been a great organizational
tip. I have a couple pairs of earrings that are too large to fit into
the ice cube trays, so I have them in a little dip bowl next to the

2. Dip bowls for hair bands and mason jars for make-up brushes, eyeliner and mascara. Speaking of dip bowls, I have a couple on my dresser that are filled with hair bands. I have long, thick hair and sometimes I need to get it up and out of my face. I love having hair bands out within easy reach and these bowls are the best for easy access and keeping them all in one place. They’re also incredibly cheap! I have one of with cloth hair bands, one with elastic and one with bobby pins. About a year ago I started to put my make-up brushes, eyeliner and mascara into mason jars. They are perfect for storage and I have never felt a need to look for anything else. After I picked out the blue paint for my room I found these cute blue ones at Target so I had to get them.

3. Tie hangers for scarves and… bras. This summer while geeking out over all of the different organizational tools that are available on Amazon I must have been swept up int he moment because I saw a tie hanger and thought, “I need one!” Sure, I don’t wear ties, but they looked cool so I started to read the reviews and realized that I could hang all of my two scarves on it, too. And then I saw a review with “BRA’S!” as the subject line and the reviewer said that it was perfect for hanging bras. And guys… er, ladies… it is. I actually really like using for that purpose and highly recommend checking out tie hangers.

4. A ramekin for go-to nail polish and a basket for go-to makeup. Most of my make-up and nail polish is stowed away but I have specific beauty products that I like to use at certain times of the year. Each month I pull out the products that I know I’ll be reaching for most often and keep them out for easier access. I put my go-to nail polish in a ramekin to make the bottles look a little more organized. I also like to keep my go-to make-up products in a basket so that I can grab the basket and go wherever I’d like to put on make-up in the morning.

What are some of your life-changing organizational tips?

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