Blogmas { Day 23 }: The Sunday Currently #4

Last week was exhausting! But here we are now, at the start of the last full week of the year. How crazy is that? Yesterday the carpets were cleaned and Little One was groomed. Tomorrow all I have to do is unpack everything and I am ready for Christmas!


READING Witches of East End by Melissa de la Cruz and loving it!
WRITING blog posts. I didn’t have much time for writing last week.
LISTENING to How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I’m on season eight now.
THINKING that I should try to post earlier in the day. All week I’ve been posting right before midnight.
SMELLING a freshly groomed puppy. I think she smells wonderful, she does not agree.
WISHING that everything would unpack itself tomorrow.
HOPING that everyone has a happy holiday.
LOVING petting Little One’s fur. It feels so soft right now!
WANTING to finish a couple of books that I started earlier this year before 2014.
NEEDING to make a grocery list.
FEELING a little tickle in my throat.
CLICKING through cooking blogs to find a chocolate frosting recipe.

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