Blogmas { Day 5 }: Confessions of a List-Maker

Do you ever have weeks where you feel off? Those weeks where you have things to do around the house and other things that you’d like to accomplish but you just… can’t? That has been me all week. That feeling has spread to other things as well. I felt off writing blog posts this week and I haven’t picked up a book (even though I know what I want to read next). I didn’t start working out until last night–and even my workout felt off.

It’s been a strange week. On Sunday I was glued to my computer all day to work on my blog name and domain change. On Monday I was glued to my computer to work on another project that was due that day. On Tuesday I read one of my manuscripts and yesterday we had a lot of snow. (Little One is totally in her element now! Winter is definitely in her season.)

But I realized that another reason I feel like I’m floundering this week is that I haven’t written my usual lists yet. At the start of each month I make a few goals and then I break the goals into tasks. Every Monday I create goals for the week and break them into tasks. From there I’m able to plan what I’d like to get done that week. So, tonight (or tomorrow) I’m making my lists and we’ll be back to business as usual!

Are any of you list-makers?

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