Blogmas { Day 7 }: The Workout Tip I Always Ignored

I subscribe to a couple of workout magazines and have been known to read workout blogs and articles online. Over the years there’s one tip that I have heard but have always ignored: buy cute workout clothes that you actually like.

I never bought into that. Why spend money on clothes that I’ll only wear when I’m working out when I could spend that money on clothes that people actually see me in or on something else entirely, like books or workout DVDs? Instead, I always reached for my favorite yoga pants and cheap, boring formless shirts.

Finally this summer I decided to invest in some cute workout clothes and it has made all the difference! Now, not only do I look forward to the workout but I also look forward to the clothes that I’m going to wear. I’ve also heard that you should wear fitted workout clothes so that you can see your results, like if you’re trying to lose weight or tone certain areas.

Are there any workout tips that you have or that you’ve ignored in the past?

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