Blue Moon

I’m sorry for my unplanned break from the blogging world! I wasn’t feeling the best two weeks ago and, aside from dinner with my sister to celebrate her birthday, when I wasn’t at work I was curled up on the couch with a book. And last week, I was finishing some of the work that I missed the week before.
I realized that I haven’t posted any photos from the blue moon yet. I took these the night that I finished Camp NaNo. After I validated my novel I wandered outside to find the most unobstructed view of the moon in my yard,
I’ve always been fascinated by the solar system. Whenever I was able to take an Astronomy class as a science elective I took it because it was a science class that I actually enjoyed. The book and movie in which the Magic School Bus travels through space were always my favorites. Even now, I have a bunch of space-related books on my bookshelf to read. 
As I looked at the blue moon this speech came to mind. It’s the speech that President Nixon would have given if Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had not returned from the moon. Reading the speech actually made me sad–and it wasn’t even used! It also touched on my fear of being stranded in space from my childhood years when one of my occupational dreams was to become an astronaut and go to the moon. Thinking about the possibility still makes me a little uneasy!
So I will move away from that topic for now and end this rambling post. I hope you all are doing well! Are you enjoying the change in seasons? I’m loving the changes in color of the leaves and I’ve already made a trip (or two) to Starbucks for a Salted Caramel Mocha.  Are all of you enjoying the beginning of Fall?

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