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I used to write down quotes from each book I read. At one time I wrote down the first sentence of every book and after awhile I started to keep a notebook and pen handy so that I could write down quotes from throughout the book. I stopped doing that for awhile, but decided to get back into it. I did well for awhile, recording the quotes in the notepad on my phone. I’ve fallen off the quote-collecting bandwagon, but maybe going through these quotes will provide the inspiration I need to start again.

Here are some of the quotes I collected, along with links to my review of the book.

“No one even knows who wrote it. It just appeared out of the mists of the old Appalachian Mountains almost a hundred years ago.

I love songs like that. They seem ancient and mysterious to me, like they have secrets I’ll never totally understand no matter how many times I hear them.” {Ford} Everybody Knows Your Name, by Andrea Seigel & Brent Bradshaw // pg. 76

“Hair is an emotional thing.” {Magnolia} Everybody Knows Your Name, by Andrea Seigel & Brent Bradshaw // pg. 80

“She always thought she would draw something wonderful, but what she actually drew never quite matched the feeling. It was like when she tried to tell a dream–the words never captured how it felt.” The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau // pg. 135

“Opening my sketchbook, I flip to an empty page filled with endless possibilities.” Blaze (Or Love in the Time of Supervillains), by Laurie Compton Boyle // pg. 5

“But the ocean was ragged and wild, always threatening to pull you in and never let you go.” First There Was Forever, by Juliana Romano // pg. 35

“This was not meant in a showy manner, more like an artist applying color to a canvas. She was painting our memory and I was all for it.” Finding Jake, by Bryan Reardon // pg. 4

“The ghosts of the past hover over the place, blanketing the mossy ruins and the sinking stones scattered around the hilltop like old bones.” Finding Jake, by Bryan Reardon // pg. 92


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