Book Week Recap

Hello, everyone! I hope you enjoyed Book Week! I’m sure it doesn’t come as a huge surprise that I did, because I heart books. In case you missed any of the topics discussed, here’s a recap as well as thoughts from you!


On Monday I talked about a few ways to pull books to read off of your TBR shelf… or shelves.

Erica buys books faster than she can read them (me too!) and she likes the idea of a TBR jar.

Charlotte wishes she had a TBR shelf, but she’s too busy reading books for work. (She translates books!)

Kate said that she donates books she doesn’t expect to read.

When Sara’s books start to pile up she likes to choose smaller ones, because she can read more and feels more productive. (I do too!)

Erin joins book challenges and looks for books to fit the categories on her TBR shelf. (I also do this!)

Erica loves the idea of a TBR jar.


I talked about book buying bans on Tuesday, for those of who like book shopping a little too much.

Mia said that she’s never gone on a book buying ban, but that going on a month-long one might help her get through her TBR shelf!

Erin has never gone on a ban, but uses the library and visits second-hand bookstores more than she used to.

Charlotte changed the way she buys books when she moved from France to England. She prefers ebooks, since they’re cheaper and don’t take up space, and uses the library or second-hand shops.

Erica will go on a book buying ban if she’s purchased too many. She likes the idea of a month-long one.


Do you stop reading a book if you don’t like it or do you push through? I discussed the two things I take into consider before I stop reading a book.

Chelsea likes the idea of reading a certain number of pages so that you can give the book one last chance!

Charlotte skims a book to the end if she isn’t enjoying it. (I do that sometimes too!)

Sara won’t finish a book if she isn’t enjoying it, because there are too many read. She also likes to share who might like the book, which I think is a cool idea!

Erica says she always feels guilty when she stops reading a book so she adds it back to her TBR pile. (I always feel guilty too!)


Do you prefer physical books, ebooks, or both? 

Krysten reads both. She loves physical books the most, but loves her ereader for traveling.

Sara only uses an ereader for books that she’s reviewing that she can’t get physical copies for. She loves flipping through the pages and looking at the cover of a physical book!

Mia also loves both. She loves the immediacy of an ebook, but she also likes the feel and smell of a physical book.

Master traveler Esther used to like physical books, but ebooks are so much easier for her traveling lifestyle.

Charlotte loves a physical book, but only keeps her Harry Potter books now. She mostly reads ebooks.

Kelly said it took her awhile to get into ebooks, but now she loves the convenience of them.

Erica said she loves both as well!


I ended Book Week by going over some of the new releases that I’m looking forward to during the rest of 2015!

Chelsea and Alissa are also looking forward Sarah Dessen’s new book, Saint Anything. (Look at that cover! Isn’t it gorgeous?)

Mia is also looking forward to Carry On by Rainbow Rowell.



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