Cabin Weekend

Last weekend I spent time with family at my brother’s cabin. I actually managed to get a little bit of work done while I was there, but I took the opportunity to relax while I was away. And relax I did! I pretty much slept for half of the day on Sunday and it felt wonderful!

Little One was in a tizzy when I was packing up to go. She knew that I was planning to leave and she was determined to go with me.

It took her a little while to settle once in we arrived and she wasn’t interested in any tummy rubs until she felt more comfortable. Yes, you read that right. Little One didn’t want tummy rubs. The great thing about going at this point during the summer is that she didn’t pick up any ticks.

I prepared dinner the day that we arrived.

I love sleeping at the cabin because this is the view when I wake up.

When we left, my task during the clean up the cabin effort was to sit with Little One so that she didn’t drop more hair all over the freshly-swept floor.

And that was our cabin getaway last weekend. Have you had the chance to take some time to relax recently? I need to remember to do that more often.

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