Current WIP Playlist #1

My hairless puppy’s hair has started to grow so I have hope that one day she will once again be her fluffy little self. The feathering on the back of her legs is actually pretty adorable right now because it sticks out in little tufts. I’ll have to try and get a picture of the cutest little tuft to show you sometime.

Over the weekend I read Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard, which is about an eighteen-year-old, Bria, who signs up for a three-week tour of Central America during the summer between high school and college and ends up ditching her tour group to travel with a couple of backpacker’s that she meets at the start of her trip. I was itching to look up airplane tickets to Central America and hostels as I read the novel. It also made me think back to my time in Senegal when I was 18. Obviously, Bria’s experience was different than mine but I enjoyed reading about a girl who did what I did, even if she went to a different place and went for different reasons. Another thing that I loved about the novel is that Bria is an artist and some of Hubbard’s sketches appear throughout the novel. They are beautiful and so much fun to look at! I wouldn’t be surprised if I pull this book out again soon and now I want to read more like this, so if you have any travel fiction to recommend (not looking for memoirs right now as I have a few on my shelf to read) please let me know.
So, the point of my post today was to share with you the playlist that I have for my current WIP (work in progress). This is actually the first of two playlists that I have for novel, depending on what part I’m working on. I will also be posting the second playlist soon.

Current WIP Playlist #1

(in no particular order…)

1)  Cheers Darlin’, by Damien Rice
2)  Kissing a Fool, by Michael Bublé
3)  Dance Me to the End of Love, by Madeleine Peyroux
4)  Change Partners, by Harry Connick Jr.
5)  How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, by Michael Bublé
6)  Between the Bars, by Madeleine Peyroux
7)  Moon River, by Norm Lewis
8)  Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Michael Bublé
9)  Killing Me Softly With His Son, by Roberta Flack
10)  Sway, by Michael Bublé
11)  Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, by Harry Connick Jr.
12)  The Way You Look Tonight, by Michael Bublé
13)  Bésame Mucho, by Harry Connick Jr.
14)  I Can’t Make You Love Me, by Sophie Milman
15)  First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, by Harry Connick Jr.
16)  Moon River, by Jane Monheit

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