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Hello, everyone! I hope that all of you out east were safe and warm during the snowstorm. We had some snow on Sunday and now we have a nice, fluffy layer that Little One is having a great time rolling around in and burying her face in. At one point, while it was snowing, I caught her lifting her face to the sky with her mouth open, like she was catching snowflakes.
Moving on to the point of this post. For awhile I’ve been thinking about the fact that I often talk about writing, but I don’t give a lot of information about my actual projects. The people who hear the most about my the novels that I’m writing are those who I know quite well and who are usually sitting in front of me with a cup of coffee or tea. I decided that I’d like to share a little bit with all of you, since I talk about writing in this space, that way you have some idea of what I’m talking about. I won’t be sharing a lot of information, but a little.  I’ll also include the working titles that I have for a few of the novels.

The Porcelain Doll

The novel that I am currently editing is a YA contemporary and it’s about a teenage girl who has a fractured family and is dealing with the fall-out of that. It also has a hint of a mystery. This novel has existed in one form or another since I was about fifteen and over the years I have worked on it for bits of time until it evolved into the novel that it is today. It’s currently at 60,000 words.


This WIP is fairly new. It’s a YA fantasy that involves a few different fantastical characters, none of which are the usual suspects seen in a lot of fiction these days. It features a character named after a dear friend of mine from long ago and every time I write about that character I have a little smile on my face. (You can actually see her in my current Blogger picture.) The novel is in its beginning stages. I have finished brainstorming and have competed my initial outline (I will likely have more outlines by time I finish this novel). A few scenes have been written.

Untitled I

I have a working title for this project, but it’s so cheesy that I’m going to keep it to myself! This is a fantasy novel and is about a woman who navigates life after a possible betrayal. I’m about halfway through the first draft. I’ve had the idea for this novel since I was in high school and I started writing it while I was in Africa when I was 18, but I decided that I needed more life experience to really enhance the plot. I am so glad that I gave myself that time because when I worked on this for NaNoWriMo two years ago, I finally came up with an element that was missing from the novel. Even after writing 30,000 words during NaNo I didn’t focus a lot of time on this because I’m unsure of how marketable it is. But, obviously, if this story has been on my mind since high school, it’s a story that matters to me, so even if I don’t do anything with this after its finished, I’d like to write it. And who knows? I have some friends who have read the beginning of this novel and one of my friends (the one who read the beginning when it was as rough of a rough draft as you can get) has asked about it so I take that as a good sign. Either way, I love the characters and the plot and I enjoy writing it. Also, it features a dog based off my Canine Nephew. That’s as good a reason as any to keep writing it!

Untitled II

This is a fantasy novel that is still in outlining stages. I have a few scenes written and I don’t know if they’ll make it into the final draft (or first, for that matter) but writing scenes helps me in the brainstorming process. The plot is very detailed so I’m waiting until my outline is a little more fleshed out before I begin the writing process. I’m hoping that by the time I am finished with WAIL and UNTITLED I that I will have a better handle on the plot and will be able to start writing.

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