Currently // March 2015

Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne, which is part of my March TBR.

I discovered that my fave actor Stanley Tucci is in a show called Fortitude, so I started watching it. I saw it described as similar to The Killing, which I would agree with. It’s kind of a quiet, murder mystery with flawed characters, like The Killing.

Also, while looking at Fortitude on Amazon I saw that Stanley Tucci has a couple of cookbooks! They are going on my wishlist!

…listening to
I’m still listening to The Last Five Years soundtrack. It’s like the Hit List music from Smash last year and RENT from my high school years.

Hand lettering. I’ve been playing around with different pens and am planning to start sharing some of what I’ve been doing soon.

An uncomfortable pair of boots. I ordered a new pair, because I think the ones I’ve been wearing have served to their full potential.

…thinking about
Working out! I’m making more of an effort to get workouts in this month, so I started wearing my Jawbone again to see if working out helps me achieve my step goal again. The only problem will be if I’m doing a toning workout, because it doesn’t track that movement.

All of the music from The Last Five Years. I love it!


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