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So far, March has been the month of Veronica Mars. I started watching it when I realized that the release of the movie was only two weeks away and I hadn’t watched the show for a couple of years. I got through it in no time. And as you already know since I talked about it nonstop, I still love that show. It’s one of my favorites!

After that I started watching two different shows. I’ve slowly been watching Smallville by checking out seasons from the library. I avoided this show when it first aired because everyone told me that I should watch it, so aside from a few episodes that my friends made me watch, I didn’t know much about the show. I’m really enjoying it, though. I just started season three.

And then there’s Melissa and Joey. I like having a half-hour long sitcom to watch when I’m packing my bag and getting ready for the next day at the end of the night. I’m enjoying the show more than I thought I would!

This weekend I’ll also start Sherlock. It’s been on my to-watch list for awhile and I’ve heard rave reviews about it. While I watched the last season of Veronica Mars I promised my friend Heather (from Minnesota Mermaids) that I’d start Sherlock when I was done. She’s been pushing me to watch it for weeks! And what better time to start watching a show she’s been raving about than while working on Minnesota Mermaids sketches?
What have you been watching lately?

PS – go say hi to my friend Sarah. She just started blogging again.

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