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As you know, I’ve been watching a lot of TV this month as I go through all of the organizational projects that I have been putting off. Here are the shows that I have watched and loved this month.

1. The Olympics. I love the Olympics. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. My favorite thing to watch during the winter Olympics is the figure skating. I don’t think I even have a favorite anymore (although my fave used to be women’s and pairs), I love all of it. I also enjoy watching the speed skating sometimes and this year I have enjoyed some of the snowboarding.

2. Pretty Little Liars. Yes, I am one of the many who love Pretty Little Liars, although the show was starting to feel a bit stale for awhile. But this season, the show came back with a bang. I haven’t been this into PLL since the first season, but I have been loving everything!

3. New Girl. I started to watch this show when it premiered but didn’t really get into it. I finally decided to start watching season one on Netflix. Season one was enjoyable but season two? Definitely my favorite so far!

What shows have you been enjoying this month?

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