Currently Watching // August

Being Human. I hadn’t watched this one for awhile, but I only had a few episodes left in the final season that’s available on Netflix. I think there’s one more season to watch after this. I’ll probably watch it, but I didn’t enjoy the last season that I watched as much as the first few. I thought things got a little crazy and I wasn’t so sure about it after awhile. I want to know what happens to the characters, though, so I’ll keep watching.

The Killing. I have loved this show since its first episode for a variety of reasons. I love the quiet nature of the show. I love that the main characters are flawed–incredibly slow–and that those flaws aren’t hidden. And I love that it focuses on one crime, instead of a new crime each week. I didn’t like season four, though. I found the outcome of the crime to be a little disappointing (I totally figured it out) and I thought it was a bit rushed. I’m not sure why Netflix only gave the final season six episodes instead of 10 or 13, because it felt rushed to me. The way that it finally ended for the characters… I kind of wondered if it would end that way throughout the first few seasons, however I think it could have been built up more. I never would have expected that after the way the final season went, which is just one of the reasons why it felt rushed to me.

General Hospital. I had to get caught up on GH–I hadn’t watched it for awhile and one of the storylines I had been following came to an end with the most heartbreaking conclusion ever. One of the actresses is on leave right now and I’m excited for her to come back to see where her story goes next, although I’m not holding out hope that it will end with my desired outcome.

What did you watch this month?

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