Currently Watching // September { + Scandal-premiere Must-Haves }

I haven’t watched much this month. Usually I like to have something on when I’m working on things, partly for the background noise, but this month I have really enjoyed silence. You know, until Little One hears a noise because I don’t have anything on to drown it out and she starts barking.

When I have been watching TV I have slowly but surely been making progress on Dawson’s Creek. I think I’m at the start of season four now and… my interest has fizzled a bit. I’m still interested in it to find out what happens to the characters. Once I meet new characters I like to know how their stories end. But I could probably just look it up on Wikipedia and be satisfied with reading how the show ends. And that might be how I have to wrap up the series because it will no longer be available instantly on Netflix by the end of the week.
In other news, the next season of Scandal starts next Thursday and I am excited! Is anyone else out there anxiously counting down the days? Here’s what I plan to have for the season premiere:
Just her favorite drink.

Now you know my deepest, darkest secret. Sometimes I choose a nail polish color to match my favorite characters. And her nails are always so nice and clean!

If I’m drinking her favorite drink and wearing nail polish like hers I might as well accessorize like her too.
I’d also say that I’ll dress up for the premiere, but I’ll likely be in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, cuddling with the pup.
What are you Scandal-premiere (or any premiere, really) must-haves?

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