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I have one word. Scandal. Do any of you watch it?

One thing you should know about me (and probably do, judging by my TV watching habits) is that I love drama. And lots of it. 
Not in my personal life! Let’s be clear about that. I remember once in high school two of my friends were fighting and other people were drawn in. I was at home one night getting emails from both sides while watching I Love Lucy and I was thinking, “I don’t know how she handles all of these situations happening all of the time!” (As you can probably tell, I had a pretty uneventul teenage-hood.)
But on my TV or in a book? Drama, now. 
At church on Good Friday, a friend asked if I was watching Scandal and I said no. She said I should and I said ok. So I started watching at midnight that night and now I’m already almost finished with season two. To be honest, if I wasn’t writing a lot right now I’d probably be done because I cannot. stop. watching. 
Especially now that Scott Foley is on. He’s been showing up on TV shows that I’ve been watching lately. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve loved him since Felicity. (Felicity/Noel all the way!!)
Before Scandal I watched Melissa & Joey, which I loved! They work so well together and that show is hilarious. 
That’s what I’ve been watching this month. What about you?

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