Daily Diaries // 05

This week has actually been a little bit on the busier side.

On Monday I spent the evening getting caught up on all the work that I didn’t do over the weekend, including preparing the guest room for a friend to come over.

My friend came over on Tuesday so Little One and I went on a walk right after I got home from work and when my friend arrived we spent the rest of the night chatting.

Wednesday was my birthday. I share it with my sister, but we’re not twins, I just happened to arrive on her birthday. I like to think of it as my first act to annoy my big sister, as is the younger sister’s duty. I met a friend for lunch. After work my parents took me out for dinner and my friend came over again after. We stayed up way too late talking about soap operas, but it was fun.

I spent the evening on Thursday getting caught up on blogging things, since I didn’t do much throughout the week. Little One and I went for a walk and encountered a few other dogs, so it was an eventful walk. I started listening to a new audiobook on the walk (with only one earbud in so that I can still hear traffic/people around me) and realized that with all the barking of other dogs at Little One and Little One at another dog that we passed, I was so focused on all of the animals that I barely listened to it at all, so I had to restart it on Friday on my way to work.

Today is the end of the week and I’m really excited. It feels like it’s been a long week. I’ll either go shopping with a friend tonight or spend a quiet evening in with a movie.

How was your week?

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