Daily Diaries // 06

It was a beautifully overcast and rainy day on Monday. I enjoyed every minute of it. I did a lot of work in the evening and then settled in for an episode of Scandal before bed. I tried watching episodes as I worked, but I couldn’t. I wanted to watch everything. Late in the evening I also received a phone call from a very good friend, who I haven’t talked to in ages! I tried to get in touch with her last Friday to see if she wanted to go out with Sarah and me. I sent her a text and called her a few times, but she left her phone at work so she didn’t see it until Monday. It was really nice to talk to her, though. We talked for quite awhile late into the evening and were able to get caught up with each other and give updates on our family’s, so that was a really nice start to the week. (Hi Iloye, if you’re reading this! I enjoyed talking to you.)

Tuesday was an incredibly unexciting day. My iPad skin arrived, that’s about it for that day. I have been on the lookout for a new iPad skin for awhile, because the artist that I usually get them from whenever I was looking for something new stopped selling them, so I finally found a new artist whose work I fell in love with from a friend and I bought one right away. So, that happened.

Wednesday has been my biggest day for steps so far this week, which is funny because Wednesday was my biggest day last week too. I also reached 500,000 steps since starting to use my Jawbone Up, so I was excited about that. It was a good step day! I met my friend Heather for our weekly lunch and after we stopped at Starbucks (as usual) and I ordered an Iced Passion Tea Lemonade with raspberry sweetener, my first one this year. It was delicious, as usual. I also gave Little One a bath. She was not happy, but now her fur is soft and she smells wonderful. The picture right above was a few hours after her bath, when she was ready to come and hang out by me again. A bath is one of the biggest betrayals, after all. Right up there with looking at another dog.

On Thursday I organized my tea and teaware. It always feels good to put everything back in place so that I know where everything is. After organizing I sat down with a cup of tea and put on a mud mask, because my skin hasn’t been happy this week. Oh! I almost forgot the most exciting part of the day… MAC’s Alluring Aquatics collection was released in stores today so I stopped by a counter and picked up a few items. It’s so gorgeous! The packaging is stunning, the products are just as wonderful… they did a fantastic job with this collection. There will be a review on the mermaid blog soon.

And for today I don’t really know what’s going on, other than work. But today is the last day of work before a long weekend for Memorial Day, so that’s exciting! I think everyone in the office is ready for an extra day off.

How was your week?

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