Daily Diaries // 07

Happy Friday! My week hasn’t been exciting enough to warrant a day-by-day breakdown. (Not like they usually are.) It was a busy week and I am ready for the weekend!

Even though it’s been busy I’ve been staying on top of my daily dance workouts. On Monday I tried out this Cabaret Belly Dance Workout, which I’ve had for awhile but haven’t tried yet. I think it’s set up to be like a thirty minute performance. I still need to work on getting some of the steps down. I’m sure it would have helped if I had gone through the step guide just to learn the combinations, but I don’t like to do step guides.

I met with my friend Heather for a mermaid power lunch on Wednesday. Look at the view! In the evening my niece was over. It’s always nice to have her around.

On Thursday I decided that for my 30 days of dance workouts I would do a mixture of Tracy Anderson workouts. I’ll mix in other dance workouts as I’m interested in them, but my go-to will be hers since I love them whenever I do them.

Tonight I’m meeting up with my best friend. I haven’t seen her in awhile, so that will be fun.

What have you been doing this week?

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