Daily Diaries // 08

Hello, everyone! Happy Friday! I hope that everyone had a fantastic week. Mine was much better than last week, though still pretty busy. I’d like things to slow down just for a little while so that I can get some work done and spend some time with my sweet little puppy. Hanging out with her makes me happy…and I think it makes her happy too.

Even though I had a busy week, it wasn’t very exciting. I went to the salon on Monday to have my roots touched up. My stylist will be out of the salon for a month so everyone is flocking in before she leaves. I love that time to sit and read while the color does it’s thing. (I read Stolen, by Lucy Christopher this time.)
On Tuesday I met Heather for a quick tea break at lunch. We went to Caribou, which is loved by many but me because I think their coffee is too sweet. I am, however, loving their creamy cold presses and their tropical green tea is delish. After work I had to run to the mall to get a new pair of dress pants for work because I got bleach on a pair. Sigh.

After a long day at work on Thursday I spent some time chatting with my parents. It was nice to just relax for a little while. My mom also showed me how to make her world famous spaghetti sauce. Okay, so maybe it’s not world famous, but it’s definitely family famous and learning how to make it was on my summer bucket list.

How was your week?

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