Daily Diaries #1

For awhile I have felt that there is something missing from my blog and as soon as I saw the Daily Diaries linkup by Kate I thought that this might be the answer that I’m looking for. With Daily Diaries, Kate prompts people to write about their week so that we can fit in the parts of our weeks and our lives that don’t really fit anywhere else. I don’t know if I’ll actually recap my week day by day, because my life really isn’t all that exciting, but we’ll see.

Spring is awakening the world in Minnesota. I kept forgetting to pull my spring coat out of the back of my closet (even though I wrote it down in my planner), so I spent most of the week out without a coat and it was absolutely wonderful after a winter spent in a bulky winter coat with a scarf. Spring is also awakening Little One because she has been barking nonstop. I had to put her in her crate for a little while one day because I was trying to work on something and she wouldn’t stop barking. So we will be working on that this spring.

On Monday I returned to real life after a week off of work. I was up at the crack of dawn to head into the office and I spent the evening catching up on blogs and writing my own posts, all while telling Little One that it’s really not necessary to bark at the squirrels, birds and people that have come out of hiding.

Things got a little bit more exciting on Wednesday, when I met with my good friend Heather for our weekly mermaid power lunch. We went out for lunch and got caught up, because it’s actually been two weeks since we met. Last week I was out of the office and the week before I was swamped at work. We spent the rest of lunch brainstorming. She’s my Minnesota Mermaids friend and we should have some exciting news to share soon. On our way back to the office we stopped at Starbucks and picked up a couple of iced chocolate chai’s. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one and it was delicious. I hope you enjoyed it too, Heather!

My dad came downtown to take me out to lunch on Thursday and we met at Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve been there a few times and he’s been wanting to check it out for awhile. I always enjoy spending time with my dad, so it was a nice break in the day.

I’ve also been awaiting the arrival of some eyeliners from Sephora. I’ve been planning to get these for awhile and am so excited for them to finally come. I have some fun make-up looks in mind that I am planning to do with these and I am looking forward to getting started.

How has your week been?

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