Daily Diaries // 10

All week people asked if I was excited for my last week at my current workplace and for my new job to start next week and this week really didn’t feel all that different to me. There were times when I’d talk to my coworker and I’d be about to say, “I’ll let you know how it went on Monday” before I realized that on Monday I won’t be able to walk over to her cubicle for a quick chat. But I don’t think it will sink in that I’m making this change until Monday, when I go someplace new for work.

Other than packing up my cubicle, most of my days were the same as usual with one exception, but there were still some highlights. 
On Tuesday I went out for my last lunch with Heather. Luckily we will still be close by so we will be able to meet up for regular dinners, but I’ll miss seeing her every week and the nice break in the day that our lunches were. 
And on Thursday I had two different farewell gatherings: lunch at one of my favorite restaurants downtown with a group of people that I work with and a party with cake with another. It was really nice to get together with everyone to say goodbye and both gatherings were a lot of fun. As excited as I am, I’m also really sad to leave because I’ll miss the people that I’ve worked with.
Other than that I made sure to get my morning coffee from Dunn Brothers every day. I love that coffee shop and won’t have such easy access to it anymore–which will probably be good, but I took advantage of it while I could. And I also picked up lunch at some of my favorite lunchtime spots. 
Tonight I might get together with some friends, but other than that I have a low-key weekend planned. I think I’ll pull out my sketchbooks, some movies and books and just take some time to relax before my new workplace adventure begins. I think the next few weeks will be pretty tiring as I learn a new position and adjust to an environment that will probably be very different from my current one. 
What was your week like? Link up with Kate and see what everyone else was up to. 

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