Fall Week Recap

Happy Friday! I hope you all enjoyed Fall Week. As always, I really enjoyed reading your responses. Here is a recap of what posts went up this week, along with thoughts from all of you!

Tip #2 to be inspired by the fall season: look at the sky and learn about what you're seeing. // dreams-etc.com

5 Ideas for a Small Fall Party

My tips for throwing a small fall-time party if a large, scary bash isn’t your thing.

Sarah said that she has the intention to dress up and throw a party for Halloween, but never does. I’ve been in the same boat in recent years!

Mia likes the idea of painting at a party to see what spooky scenes people would come up with.

Cat loves movie parties because she’s an introvert and they’re light on small talk. (I’m with you there!) She suggested pulling out Halloweentown.

Fall Reminds Me Of…

On Tuesday we took some time to think of the non-cliched things to that fall reminds us of.

While Shelly really loves ghost hunting shows, Halloween, ghost tours, Edgar Allen Poe and scary movies all year round, she especially loves them at Halloween. As she said, “I mean, I like those things all year long, but all of it just falls into place when the leaves are falling and fog blankets old cemeteries in the early morning.”

Erica also said she can see why fall = poetry, because fall is romantic. In her words, “The chill in the air combined with the sweaters and scarves makes it a cozy time of year! A time when emotions run wild and the desire to be close to someone is increased. I know many people say that Spring is the season of romance, but I would have to disagree.”

Mia agrees that fall is a romantic time of year and said that when fall is great for reconnecting with her husband and making sure that they save time for each other. “Makes me think of sitting at football games together in the crisp air, our noses pink from the cold, drinking hot chocolate.”

Mash said that she also enjoyed studying poetry in college.

Meg said: “Fall makes me think of fiery colors, crisp air, boots, hot apple cider, and long walks through the leaves.”

Krysten said that fall makes her think of peace, because during the fall she is at peace and happy.

Shann Eva said that fall makes her think of family. Her family has a couple of birthday’s and Thanksgiving. It sounds like a family filled season!

Penny is thinking about the books she likes during different seasons now.

Be Inspired by the Fall Season

I shared my tips for finding inspiration during the fall season.

Emily loves reading mysteries during the fall and loved reading The Night Circus one weekend last October.

Katie said that she loves walking around on the leaves and hearing them crunch under her boots. Me too!

Charlotte said that she loves to spend time outside. And she may even love being outside during fall more than outside during winter.

Brianna said that she loves the smells, colors and temp. Her favorite fall-time activity is baking pies.

DT loves looking at the sky and said that it puts everything into perspective.

Spending outside is a popular Fall habit. Chelsea also loves spending time outside.

8 New Mystery + Horror Novels Perfect for Fall

I shared a few recently released mystery and horror novels that I’d like to read.

Anamika loved the synopsis for BLACK CAIRN POINT.

Cat loves book roundup posts and was kind enough to share mine on Twitter. Thank you!


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    October 18, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    I really enjoyed your Fall Week! I love all things Fall, and really appreciated how you took an out of the box approach to your posts. 🙂

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    October 19, 2015 at 3:15 am

    I used to follow you but haven’t seen your posts lately so it’s great to be reading again. I hope you’ll pop by my blog and give me a little visit too. Thanks.
    I love the idea of a movie party. I think it’s bad for a date (no conversation potential during the movie) but for a group of people, a movie is a great conversation starter because there isn’t so much pressure to agree on everything. I think I’d like to throw a movie party now.

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