Favorite Book of the Month: April 2014

I didn’t spend as much time reading in the last half of the month as I did at the beginning, so I only have two books to report on. I’ll save one of those for my next Reading Roundup post, because today it’s time for me to discuss my favorite book of April.

As usual I can’t make a decision so I’ll just talk about two. 

The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult continues to live on in my mind. I am haunted by the story of Sage’s grandmother and when I smile when I think back on Sage’s personal journey. I have thought about picking this up again to read certain parts of it since I finished it.

Seven Year Switch by Claire Cook is one of my audiobook “reads” of the month. Jill has raised her daughter as a single mom ever since her husband ran off to join the peace corps. Her world is rocked again when her husband returns seven years later. I read a book by this author a year or two ago (Wallflower in Bloom) and have thought about it from time to time since, but I never thought to look for more books by this author until I saw this one as I looked through audiobooks from the library. Once I started listening I was hooked and I actually spent a couple of hours on a Friday night sitting at home with my headphones on, listening to this book because I has to know how it ended. I loved the characters. Jill, the main character, was definitely my favorite and I loved listening about how she juggled a couple of (interesting) jobs, all while raising a daughter. I also enjoyed the element of travel in the book. I love that Claire Cook creates relatable characters. They’re not perfect, but that’s what makes them real. And I love those kinds of characters. 
What was your favorite book from April?

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