Favorite Book of the Month // August 2014

Sometimes the title “Favorite Books of the Month” would be more fitting and this is one of those months. I feel like I didn’t really have a lot of time to read this month, however the books I read were very good. One of the first books that came to mind when I sat down to write this post was The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. I’ll leave my thoughts on the book for my final #scsbc14 post, but I wanted to mention it here, because it really was one of my favorites.

When I read Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala is about a woman who was vacationing at a resort in Sri Lanka with her husband, parents and two sons over Christmas when the resort was hit with a tsunami. Deraniyagala was the only one in her family to survive. The book starts with the wave and quickly moves on to the immediate aftermath and how she struggled to move on. This book surprised me for a number of reasons. I wasn’t sure how much I liked it as I read the book, however I kept turning pages. The book has stayed with me since I read it, too. I’ve seen a lot of reviews criticizing Deraniyagala’s reaction throughout the book and that has surprised me. Do you know how you’d react if you lost your family in a tidal wave? I don’t!

Rumble by Ellen Hopkins. I received an ARC of this book before posting the giveaway that went up last week and I absolutely loved it. Ellen Hopkins has become one of my favorite novels and this one was no different than her others. Rumble is about a teenager who is reeling after the death of his brother. He has lost his faith in God as a result, until something happens. I haven’t read an Ellen Hopkins book since last December, so when I opened this one and started reading it felt great to fall into her words and her way of putting each verse together. She is definitely one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading more of them this year. For more on what I love about her books in general, check out my post last week, because I talked about it in a little bit more detail there.

What was your favorite book of the month?

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