Fiddler on the Roof

The weather has been cooler this weekend, more like fall temperatures, and when I took Little One outside yesterday as the sun was setting, the light lit up two of the trees in my neighbor’s yard in reds and golds and for a moment it almost felt like it truly was fall. This is my kind of weather! Unfortunately, I think it’s going to get warm again tomorrow.

When I was younger, we had the two VHS edition of Fiddler on the Roof and whenever I’d sit down to watch it, I’d watch the first tape and then stop because the second tape was too depressing. This weekend a friend of my family was in a community production of Fiddler, so my parents and I went to see it. It was absolutely amazing! Everyone was so well-cast, the dance numbers were fantastic and the dream sequence was a lot of fun. It’s been quite some time since I watched the movie and now I’d like to watch it again. Maybe I’ll even watch the second tape.

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