Finding Joy in the Midst of Stress

Sliding in with one more post for 2020, stolen from Insta because my dad told me it was good and should be on my blog and I do everything my dad tells me to do.

Don’t ask him if that’s true.

Top Nine of 2020.

Beautiful memories in the midst of an uneasy year. (And so many aren’t even featured in this.)

I worked to create memories that I cherish and will live with me for years to come. I’m grateful for work—and incredibly fulfilling work. I’m grateful for health and safety; especially for those I love who had the virus. I’m grateful for a warm home and food in the fridge and a dog who had one of the best years ever with her people by her side.

I’m also thankful for a dentist who was able to fit me in on the last day of the year for a mouth guard fitting after losing TWO in a week, because good memories doesn’t mean the year was free of hard times and stress. It means joy can be found and created in the midst of it all. (I clench my jaw at night during times of high stress.)

I don’t know what 2021 has in store for the world. I don’t anticipate a better year, but I guess there’s hope for improvement as the year goes on. What 2020 taught me is that I can create the moments that keep me going, even in the midst of a year that no one anticipated, a year that took the world by storm.

I hope you’ve found joy in the midst of stress too.

What are some of the things you’re grateful for as the year comes to an end?

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