First Snow

Last year I remember taking Little One outside at this time of year and I’d look around and think, “Winter is coming.” That thought would immediately make me think of Game of Thrones and the long winters that they have. And guess what? We had a long winter! Obviously, it wasn’t as long as a winter in the book/show because from what I understand they can last years (I’ve only watched a few episodes of the show and I’m halfway through the book), but we had snow until the end of April/early May.

I don’t have any “Winter is coming” feels this year… but it is coming! (And I think it’s expected to be long, snowy and bitterly cold.) In fact, we just had our first snowfall last night. Little One had a chance to bury her head in the snow and eat it. If she were on Facebook, she would have been the one “It’s been so long since I tasted snow!” post in the sea of complaints.


Yep, she loves snow. And so do I, just not quite as much as she does!

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