Five Things about Life with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

One thing that I like about getting to know dogs of different breeds is that they have their own little personalities. I love seeing what makes each breed different. For instance, miniature dachshunds are persistent little creatures. Whenever Wolf wants to jump onto a piece of furniture that is too high, he doesn’t give up after a few jumps. No, he keeps jumping and jumping and jumping and jumping and… well, you get the idea… until you finally help him out. And Whippets? They sprint. They run fast and hard, jumping and twisting in the air if you’re throwing a ball, for a short period of time. The rest of the time they laze around a bit… at least, Jinni did. Since bringing Little One home I’ve thought about the little quirks I’ve seen in a Cavalier, so today I thought I’d share five things you should know about life with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (according to my experience with Little One.)

1. Your new title is Professional Tummy Rubber. If you look at Little One, you obviously want to give her a tummy rub and she’s all too happy roll over and make it easier for you to give her one. If you might be turning in her direction, she starts to pivot on her side so that if you do turn to face her, she can be ready. I’ve even looked over and found her waiting for a tummy rub. It always makes me think of Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come. If you’re ready, they will give you a tummy rub.

2. Your dog will always look a little melancholy. You know how some dogs smile? My coworker has a corgi and whenever I see a picture of him it looks like he’s grinning. Cavs on the other hand always look a little melancholy. You never have to fear, though. Their wagging tail always gives them away.

3. They could sweep your floor. At least, that’s what my brother says, because their furry little tail is always a blur as they walk around with it wagging.

4. Dog hair will become a staple in your diet. One thing about Cavs–especially a Cav with a full coat–is that their hair winds up everywhere. When Little One is sitting in the sun, you can see hair floating in the air around her. This means that I regularly find dog hair on my desk at work… and in food. I have changed clothes before cooking and still found hair in food.

5. They’re the best companion you could ask for. I like to say that when I was searching for a dog Little One chose me, because she totally did. (Maybe I’ll share more about that at a later date.) And she hasn’t left my side since. Unless someone has food. Or an animal has trespassed into her yard. Or another person’s lap looks more appealing (but she always comes back to me).

What are some of your pets quirks?

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