Flashback Vaca: Colorado Springs

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! After celebrating yesterday I am in the holiday spirit much more than I was earlier this month. I knew that I was stressed out with everything that was going on but I don’t think I realized just how stressed out I was until Christmas came and went. I slept so well last night and have been listening to Christmas music all day.

In April, I had a lot of fun sharing pictures from Senegal and I thought it would be fun from time to time to look back at old photos and share them. Throughout the holiday season I’ve had an interest in sharing pictures from a vacation that I took about six years ago to Colorado Springs. A friend of mine spent a few months there so another friend and I went to visit and we had a blast. We visited in October but I always think of this as a “Christmas trip” because while we were there we visited the North Pole.

A couple of notes:

1)  You’ll see a picture that I still use on the blog because I love it. I should go back and retake it one of these days.

2) These were taken when I was starting to experiment with photography, which I think you can see from some of the pictures that I decided to take.

3) Before this trip I had spent some time traveling to Senegal and Vienna over a period of a few years and thought that overseas trips were the only ones to take. This trip reminded me that there are things that I’d like to see in my country and it’s worth taking the time to do that. And I haven’t been out of the country since… Sigh.

4) Don’t ask me what’s going on with that hat. I’m not much of a hat person so I don’t know why I was wearing it. I was going through a breakup so maybe I wasn’t thinking straight? (I also don’t know what’s with the purse that I had. I wasn’t really into purses back then, either.)

5) Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of one of my favorite parts of the trip–going to a belly dance show. 

6) All pictures are unedited since I didn’t edit pictures back then. (Not that I always do now.)

I remember that when this picture was taken I was wondering if I would remember what I was thinking years later… and I do. When I walked across the bridge I realized that I had a slight fear of heights and it felt good to face something that I was afraid of. I wanted to remember that feeling, to remember how good it can feel to face something that is scary or challenging.

Pike’s Peak. There’s a Christian song called “Pikes Peak” by Considering Lily with a few lines that say, “But it’s like driving down Pike’s Peak/Ninety miles an hour in the dark/With the headlights off.” That’s what I was thinking about when I took this picture.

North Pole

Manitou Cliff Dwellings

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